Primary means and actions in Germany

On January 31, 2012,the German environment ministry has released the Second German environmental protection industry report since 2009.This report shows that the German environmental protection industry has grown to an annual output value of 76 billion euros, accounting for 15.4% of the world's trade in environmental protection industry,employment of nearly 2 million,nearly 80% of the environmental protection industry has become one of the important industries in Germany, they are knowledge intensive industries. ······

Germany environmental protection industry has developed ,it has made a great contribution to energy saving and emission reduction in Germany. From 1990 years to 2010 years, Every percentage of GDP in Germany rises that the energy requirements relatively reduced by 38.6%, raw materials even reduced by 46.8%, air pollution emissions decreased by 56.4%,also the 80% construction waste,the 63% life and production waste,it can realize the recycling using.

A Brief of German air governance history

According to statistics, in 1961 the Ruhr District, it totally has 93 power plants and 82 steelmaking blast furnaces, every year it has released 1 million 500 thousand tons of soot and 4 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the air.