People from Europe and other countries are quite enjoy the changeable, but iPeson did create.It is a great sense for a better life to have the fresh breathing every day.


your house can breath easily with the machine running under mute mode contiously

FRANKFURT Klein’s house

Manchester student apartments

In Germany,The refresh air system the function is not merely for air exchange,but also for household heater and air purifier.what's more, house air flows orderly and the heat will not change.


Customers are quite enjoy with the hotel for clean and fresh air environment

ibis HOTEL

Mercure hotel

Extremely silent and efficient operation, to create a quiet and comfortable environment to rest for guests; Ensure safe operation under conditions of heat recovery methods using preheating, better use of exhaust energy, to save energy.


thermostatic constant oxygen-based teaching for the children escort

Stowe School,London, England

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Campus Unlike office building, due to staff-intensive, with long stay, the target is green, juvenile or child, so air fresh system is not just a room ventilation, indoor air quality and human comfort, we need to highly valued.


medical grade filters, quality breathing create a quiet medical environment

Hospital European Georges Pompidou

Rey Juan Carlos Hospital in Madrid

Reasonable scientific ventilation designed to cut off the spread of germs and prevent cross-infection in hospitals; Maintaining ultra-quiet operation, reduce mechanical wear and tear, to ensure that patients have a relatively quiet environment, health care; From material selection or production quality inspection with strict requirements, to guarantee stable performance over a long period of ventilation process.

Network Club

all-round solution for indoor pollution discomfort users, bringing traffic continued

South London "red I computing" Internet cafes

Bring users a better experience effect, good word of mouth to bring Internet traffic is diffusible. 60% reduction in annual energy consumption of heating and cooling equipment for the Internet, reducing power costs; Super durable, efficient hosts, reducing future management of Internet cafes air fresh system and maintenance costs.