About iPeson

About iPeson

iPeson was established in Frankfurt nearby am Main Germany, We have witnessed the transformation of the Ruhr and Leipzig industrial zone from industrialization to ecology with tens of thousands of families in Germany. After World War II, Germany also faced a period of contradiction between economic and ecological environment. iPeson focused on the field of air purification, Being the leader to improve the accuracy of air purification to 0.003 microns. In 1964, the German Standardization Organization (DIN) published a revised technical requirements of the health, the fresh air system has become an indispensable part of the new residential building in Germany. Over the years, in Germany and throughout the European Union, iPeson has gradually become synonymous with the fresh air system.

China market

With the transfer of manufacturing to the third world, the globalization strategy of iPeson has been a further extension, China market become priority among priorities to promote the fresh air system and air purifier of iPeson

Because of love in the air purification products has made great achievements and the field of environmental protection, 2015 love product (iPeson) President Chinese district environmental health field as a representative of Mr. Majin and Prime Minister Li Keqiang to visit South Korea Seoul.

iPeson in China

President .Mr.Zhang Ma jin of iPeson China was invited to attend the summit with China, Japan and South Korea, shared the achievements and innovation in the field of environmental protection with the three countries’politicians and celebrities, iPeson cares life and pays much attention to the concept of environmental protection, Our achievements in international environmental improvement have been praised all over the world.

iPeson Reinigung GmbH

add: Taunus Tor 1, 60310 Frankfurt a. M., 18, Germany

Tel: +49 69 50 50 60 4458

Germany Web site: www.ipeson.com

iPeson overseas branches:

USA: 3609 Main st STE 9C2 FLUSHING NY 11354

UK: 155 New Bond street W2Z 2OB

France: 22,rue du Faubourg Saint-Honor 75008

Japan: Shijodori-Kawaramachi,Kyoto-shi 600-8510

South Korea: 01ympic-ro 128 Seoul South Korea

China: Hitech park, Fuyong,Baoan area,Shenzhen, China

China Web site: www.ipeson.cn